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Why join a Power Group?

Another unique feature of Althanas is power groups

Power Groups, or clans, are grousp of players who band together to achieve common goals. Typical PGs include adventuring parties, guilds (such as Thieves and Assassins guilds), religious groups and cults, secret societies, mercenary armies, Gypsy groups, and just about any other organization one can think of.

You may be asking yourself, "Why should I join a Power Group?" Well, there are several benefits to joining one. First, you'll often be allied with a group of more-experienced players that can assist you with your role-playing and give you tips on how to improve. Second, there are in-character rewards of EXP and GP if your PG captures and holds a Headquarters. Third, you may just meet a new role-playing buddy that you can participate with in battles and quests.

Registering a Power Group

Anyone may register a Power Group at Althanas, and there is no in-character GP charge for doing so. Power Group registration can be posted in the PG Registration forum, and is subject to Moderator approval just like new character profiles are.

There are several steps in registering your Power Group:
  1. Each Power Group must have either their own recruiting thread in the Power Group forum that describes their goals, history, purpose, ambitions, leadership, and their own sub-rules for their members. This can be done in any format, so long as it's easy to understand. Try to make your Power Group's motives as interesting as possible, and keep them original, just like you would that of a character. In the future, we may release a Power Group Registration Sheet, but for the meantime, how you organize it is up to you!

  2. Once you feel like you've sufficiently described your Power Group, post all of your material in a thread in the PG Registration Forum, and a Moderator will come and approve it. Once that is done, create your registration thread in the Power Groups Forum to invite people to join your new group. Next, one of the Forum Administrators will then register add your Power Group to our directory, and you can elect to formally invite players through the Power Group Admin Panel.

Joining and Leaving a Power Group

Joining a PG is simple. Just get in touch with one of the PGs in the Recruiting Forum, and if you're accepted into the PG, the leader of that PG will ask you to join their group. Just go to your profile, scroll to the very bottom of the page, and use the tool you find there to affiliate yourself with a PG. Keep in mind that simply adding yourself to a PG does not mean you are a member of that group - the final decisions on membership are up to the leaders of the PGs.

If at any time you wish to leave a PG, simply message the PG leader and remove yourself using the profile tool.

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