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    The Army of War

    ARMY - THE CULT OF WAR - 10,000 Total Units
    The Cult of the Horseman marches with William at its head in his role as the Aspect of War.

    Cult Fanatics - 5,000 (5,000 units)
    Fanatical followers of the Apocalypse. They fight with mindless devotion for the Aspect of War. At roughly 5,000 in number they are grouped into two forces of equal size. They wield heavy weaponry and light armor.

    Equipment: Steel Heavy Weapons, pelt armor.
    Ability: Fanatical Devotion - Driven to the point of madness, cult fanatics are mindlessly aggressive to the point of suicidal tendencies. They have increased endurance meaning they can ignore light wounds and continue fighting.

    Censer Bearers - 500 (500 units)
    Marching within the mass of cultists, these troops spew hateful doctrine and rouse the fanatics to even higher states of frenzy. This is helped by the drugged censers they carry, which burns an intoxicating incense that shrouds the mind in a chaotic fog. These censers also function as effective flails in combat. They are split between the two groups of fanatics and entrenched within their ranks.

    Equipment: Steel censer flails, heavy pelt armor and robes.
    Ability: Intoxicating Incense - The drugged incense that billows from the censers of the bearers numbs the mind until all those around can hear is the hateful speech the bearers chant. Those affected by the incense become fearless.

    Forge Demons - Large 500 (1,500 units)
    Massive creatures bound with the spirits of fire and steel, forge demons are eight-foot tall monstrosities. Their skin is blackened steel and yet their eyes and mouths glow with the red-orange fires of a blazing forge. Each demon has one hand like a massive forge hammer and another of clamping blades. Perhaps most fearsome of all is their seeming ability to control metal. They are split between the two units of fanatics and march among the front ranks of the groups.

    Equipment: Steel heavy armor, steel hammer hand, steel scything talons.
    Ability: Forge Metal - Forge demons can command steel to make it better for shaping. Metal targets they focus on become red-hot. Heating will be increasingly uncomfortable for one post before reaching full temperature.

    Crusher Juggernauts - Large 100 (300 units)
    The Cult has fashioned 100 heavily armored siege engines that resemble thick timber boxes with smoothed tree trunks used as crushing rollers at the front. The rollers and frame have had thick steel plates bolted to them. A pair of work beasts are tied within to provide locomotion for the war engines. These are split between the two groups of fanatics and roll in front of them. Even the most suicidally bloodthirsty fanatic doesn't want to be in front of one of these when it gets moving.

    Equipment: Thick timber frame with a steel shell, crushing steel and timber roller.
    Ability: Up To Speed - These juggernauts are slow to start moving but once they get moving they are damned near impossible to stop. They are counted as having enhanced strength (5x) while moving to represent their size and momentum.

    Spring Mortar Teams - 350 (700 units)
    Split into two-person teams, the spring mortars use specialized technology to hurl projectiles over the cult of war and into the ranks of the enemies opposite them. One person in the team is responsible for loading the projectile into the mortar while another cranks it down and locks the release mechanism in place. Then it is simply a matter of aiming it in the enemies direction and releasing the spring-lock. One person can man the mortar if needed but it takes longer to fire.

    Equipment: Steel hand weapons for the crew, light pelt armor for the crew, heavy steel spring mortar, steel javelin projectile, steel shot canisters.
    Ability: Alternate Firing Mode - When it no longer becomes feasible to lob the long range javelins at an enemy, the spring mortar teams can use a shot canister which instead hurls a spray of jagged metal shards in a short area in front of them.

    Hounds of War - 1,400 (1,400 units)
    The titular hounds are massive beasts that have been bred to be the size of a small horse and utterly vicious. They have the speed to run down heavy cavalry and have both the ability and the training to take down an armored knight off horseback. They wear light ringed barding.

    Equipment: Pelt and steel ringmail barding.
    Ability: Enhanced Strength - These massive hounds have been bred to be large and strong. They possess 3x strength.

    Hound Masters - 200 (600 units)
    Light cavalry trained to direct the hounds of war. They light their specially trained horses from within the swarm of the hounds and direct them with their lashing whips and specialized calling horns.

    Equipment: Pelt and steel ringmail, pelt and steel ringmail barding for the horses, pelt whips, carapace calling horns.
    Ability: Entangle - Specially trained, the hound masters can use their whips to disarm or dismount foes. This is a normal attack that can be blocked or parried.


    Aspect of War - William Arcus at Revenant's current profile.

    Left Hand of War - The Siegebreaker
    The Siegebreaker is an eight-foot tall demonic entity, looking like an overly muscular cross between an aurochs, a grizzly bear, and a mountain gorilla. Though the creature's armored hide is bulging with corded muscle it is nevertheless quite agile. It primarily lopes across the battlefield on all fours, but can stand and fight upright when in the thick of battle. The Siegebreaker sports a massive pair of crushing rams horns as well as two long, spearing tusks on it's broad head and the ends of it's arms terminate in long, curved claws that look like they were formed for gouging and scooping solid stone.

    Equipment: Horns, tusks, and claws that are as hard as delyn.

    Ability: Siege Beast - The Siegebreaker was bred and formed to break through solid stone walls when called upon to do so. As a result, the creature possesses almost unparalleled strength (8x).

    Ability: Juggernaut - Though it wears no armor to speak of, the Siegebreaker's constitution is great enough that it can shrug off all but the most devastating of wounds. It possesses extreme toughness (5x) allowing it to ignore non-critical damage.

    Ability: Shockwave - By rearing up and slamming both it's massive curved claws into the ground at once, the Siegebreaker can send a powerful shockwave coursing out in an arc in front of it. The effect is akin to a short burst earthquake upheaval that extends twenty feet in front of it. The Siegebreaker needs new ground each time it does this as the effect loosens the earth too much for another shockwave to do anything of use. Shockwave can be used 2 times a fight.

    Right Hand of War - Kharas, Warlord of Blood
    Kharas is a fearsome vampiric foe, clad head to toe in spiked delyn platemail and wielding two large, ornate delyn broad axes. His nickname, the Warlord of Blood, comes from the fact that the blood of his dismembered foes flows from their corpses up and inside his armor where he absorbs it to gain extra strength. His power, thus, is greatest when he is in the thick of the slaughter.

    Equipment: Spiked Delyn Full Plate, 2x Large Delyn Broad Axes

    Ability: Blood is Power - Kharas is able to absorb the blood of those that have fallen around him in battle. Friend or foe, it matters not. The blood flows from the wounds of the bodies around him and into his armor where he absorbs it to gain strength. When so surrounded by blood, Kharas heals wounds at an accelerated rate and becomes faster (2x) than normal.

    Ability: Fearsome Aura - Not only does Kharas' ruthlessness and ferocity strike fear into the hearts of his opponents, but a supernatural aura of menace surrounds the Warlord of Blood. The mere sight of him can cause fear in mundane troops and when he is near even stalwart opponents find themselves overcome with supernatural terror. This is a permanent aura surrounding him at a range of 5 meters.

    Ability: Vampiric Demon - Kharas is an inhuman monster and his body is thus several times (3x) tougher and stronger than a normal human's.
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