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Thread: [Complete] Gisela Registration: The Brotherhood of the Castigars (Osiris Legion)

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    [Complete] Gisela Registration: The Brotherhood of the Castigars (Osiris Legion)

    The Brotherhood of the Castigars

    The Osiris Legion is the section of the Whitevale based paramilitary organization that declared loyalty to Shinsou alone. Below is a breakdown of the divisions that comprises the Brotherhood's main forces.

    The 95th Foot

    2000 units strong, the 95th foot are Shinsou's handpicked infantry battallion. They are armed with dangerous steel poleaxes, are furnished with steel tower shields and keep steel daggers on their person for close combat. Though not the nimblest of units, they are well trained, resilliant and fearless, fighting in fearsome columns to destroy enemy morale. These troops are the first into the fray and last to leave.


    Hearts of Steel: The soldiers of the 95th are trained to withstand harsh conditions such as sweltering temperatures, rough terrain or blisteringly cold winters. Due to this, they have a 4x endurance advantage over normal "rank and file" soldiers in any of these three conditions.

    Equipment: Steel Poleaxes Steel Tower Shields, Steel chestplate and helmets

    Ea Cavalry

    200 units make up this dangerous cavalry unit. Armed primarily with poison barbed lances, the riders can charge into poorly defended lines and jab toxin laced spears into their opponents. If the wounds don't kill the enemy, the poisons just might.

    The main feature of this cavalry unit is the horse itself, though. Armored around the legs, head and neck, these beasts will be difficult to club or spear


    Neurotoxins: if cut by the lances carried by this unit, a soldier will be poisoned and have their concentration and morale disrupted. Weak units may succomb.

    Equipment: 12-foot lances, curved cavalry sabre, steel mail armor (horse head, neck and legs), Iron helmet (rider)


    25 adjustable cannons that can fire their solid iron ball payload up to a range of 900 meters. These balls do not explode but deal trauma damage to the enemy. These weapons are wheel mounted, heavy and not very maneuverable, but they pack a punch and help to break enemy forces on the approach.

    Ability: Range

    Once per thread the range of the cannon can be extended by 300 meters.

    The Immortals

    500 units to their name, these are the black operations of the Brotherhood. They are dressed in full black garb and armed with retractable razor sharp claws, but their ghostly appearance and weaponry isn't what makes people fear them. Their use as a stealth and recon team is what makes them special, able to remain undetected for as long as they stay still.


    Phantom Phase – These units are able to remain undetected to both the naked eye for four posts and sensory magic for three posts for as long as they keep still. Breathing or blinking does not count as movement for the sake of clarity.

    Equipment: leather plate underarmor, retractable steel claws.

    Elish Cavalry

    400 units. These are the ranged cavalry of the Brotherhood forces. They carry redwood crossbows that are vicious, effective, and leave no survivors in their wake. Mounted upon armored horses, they outflank and outrange enemy forces to cause havoc.


    Armor piercing enchantment – With one post's charge, the cavalry can enchant their arrows with magic that allows the projectiles to pierce steel tier armor. Can be used twice per thread

    Equipment: Steel suit armor, redwood crossbows, a compliment of fifty steel tipped arrows each, Steel horse armor(head, neck and legs)

    Mirage Company

    100 units of this force is all that is needed to help turn the tide of battle by spreading confusion and discord throughout enemy troops. Though entirely unarmed, the Mirage Company serves the Brotherhood by creating illusions to mislead and confound the armies it marches against.


    "The 95th" - once per thread, the Mirage Company can cast magic that makes their number appear not only the image of the 95th Foot, but also seem 2000 men strong. The illusion wears off once half their strength is killed, at which point everything returns to normal. Each illusory troop generated disappears after being touched.

    Equipment: Clothes

    Jester Brigade

    500 units of men tasked to frustrate the enemy. Their only purposes are to disrupt enemy mages with their dark magic and to fight in close quarters once their powers are exhausted.


    MD Bomb - "Magic Disruption" Bomb is an area of effect spell that covers up to 30 feet per living soldier. If this spell hits an enemy mage, it will lock their ability for one post. Usable once per thread.

    Equipment: Curved steel daggers

    The Reavers

    A 2,500 unit strong legion whose sole purpose is to kill the enemy. Each unit is swathed in ghostly black robes, their faces painted white and black, and armed with a finely balanced steel longsword. Shinsou personally designed the unit based on his Khaian ancestory. The men who fight for the Reavers have had war as their sole occupation for decades.


    Pride of the Reavers - Once per thread, the Reavers are put into a state of focus that lasts three posts. During this time, they will cease to feel pain from any wounds inflicted and will fight with increased aggression. Once this ability wears off, it will weaken the unit's endurance.

    Equipment: Black linen robes, balanced steel longswords

    Children of Light

    2,500 units of anti-cavalry lancers. The Children of Light exist to prevent the Reavers and the 95th Foot from being outflanked or charged by mounted units. Their morale depends heavily on being on close proximity to their brother units - if seperated, they can easily be swept aside by close combat units.


    Quake - Twice per thread, The Children of Light can destabilise the earth up to thirty feet in front of them, causing it to create a fissure the breadth of the brigade and a meter wide. This is primarily used to destabilise cavalry charges and attempt to get the horses to throw their riders, but also as a means to force the enemy to expend energy jumping the gap to attack.

    Equipment: Iron lances (12 foot), steel breastplates

    Hero Characters

    Shinsou Vaan Osiris

    The co-leader of the Brotherhood of the Castigars. He is often seen heading up the 95th Foot or the Reavers. Has no field abilities but uses his level 12 profile for individual abilities.

    Arius Mephisto

    Second in command to Shinsou, Arius is a student of the art of war. Although he doesn't fight himself, he does provide useful support abilities:

    1. Theta Gateway: Once per battle, Arius can transport up to 1000 strong via portal to any place instantaneously within his line of light and within two miles. The portal has a three second charge up time and appears in its destination four seconds before it is fully manifested. He can do this twice per thread.

    2. Tactical Retreat: Arius can recall up to 2,000 men from a position on the battlefield to his side via portal. He can only do this for units he can see and within two miles.

    3. Theta "MD" Bomb: The same ability as the Jester Brigade, but with a far greater range of two hundred feet. Affects only enemy units. Usable twice per battle.

    Harper Malley

    Appointed head of the Immortals by Shinsou, Harper is one of the Brotherhood's most important men. It comes as no real surprise to anyone that Malley's true gifts lie in the art of subterfuge, often being assigned by the leadership to head dangerous assassinations or steal enemy secrets. His abilities are as follows:

    1. The Network: Harper is almost an artist when it comes to reconnaissance and working with his Immortals. Twice per thread, he is able to directly link with their unit captain telepathically and obtain information about their situation and surroundings in order to relay it to command instantly.

    2. The Art of War: Harper is able to influence the minds of the enemy unit and their commanders within a mile by spreading misinformation. This is done by 'overwriting' part of the human memory, and usually involves spreading false information about Brotherhood troop sizes or locations or forcing the unit commander to remember false orders passed down from their own chain of command.

    The ability works by travelling like mist through enemy numbers; those who touch it become distracted, confused and begin to doubt their gut feelings and their orders. Can affect one enemy "unit" at a time and is usable twice per thread.

    3. The Sacrifice: Once per thread, Harper can sacrifice his life force to reset the ability usage of a unit. Doing so renders Harper's involvement in the thread over.
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