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Thread: Let go, and begin again.

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    Apathy Elemental

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    Level completed: 68%,
    EXP required for next Level: 4,814

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    Let go, and begin again.

    Reincarnating Madison into Hype. Should have enough EXP to start at Level 10. Get swole, Succulentwaifu.
    Name: Hyperion
    Age: 3 years
    Race: Briarheart
    Eye Color: Amber
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 134 lbs.
    Occupation: Complectormancer, wandering healer

    Personality: Your best friend.

    Appearance: Tallish and lean, Hyperion loves to cover herself head to toe in modest clothing. She'll either put on a girl next door-style dress, favoring earthy tones and purples, or wear a dark, curve-hugging bodysuit wrapped in swaths of royal blue and dark purple fabric. No matter what she opts to wear, she'll always have a hood covering her head and a polished mythril mask forged with the visage of a beautiful woman. Underneath it all her body is a humanoid mass of writing vines, her four eyes shining with amber light, her teeth made of sharpened bone filed to a point.


    Alchemy (including identifying ingredients and creating potions) - advanced
    Cooking - expert
    Exploration - advanced
    Hand-to-hand combat - advanced
    Keeping secrets - poor
    Medical knowledge - advanced
    Reading comprehension - expert
    Stealth – above average
    Survival instincts – highly advanced


    Stats, Because We All Have 'Em: The following are all in relative to a generic, normal human being--

    • Strength: 4x
    • Speed: 7x
    • Agility: 7x
    • Endurance: 5x

    A Real Fixer Upper: Whenever she suffers cuts, scrapes, bruises, or broken bones, her body kicks into overdrive to try and heal itself. Shallow cuts will heal in seconds, while deeper lacerations and broken bones might take up to an hour. She can heal four times as fast if she's recently eaten meat. Diseases and poisons are only 25% as effective, and run their course five times as fast.

    Hype Hugs Are The Best Hugs: Back in the day, before she was a parasite-infested corpse gift-wrapped in plant matter, Hyperion was a highly-skilled healer, specializing in restoration magic. The lingering wisps of magic that thread through her vines can be tapped into ten times per day via touch in order to heal others. Anyone caught up in her embrace will be overcome by a warm and fuzzy feeling, as if they are being held by a loved one. Most minor to medium wounds an injuries can be patched up with a solid hug, but broken bones and deep lacerations (up to mortal injuries) require more time and effort.

    Healing Aura: Twice a day, Hype is able to channel her healing magic into a sphere of swirling, glowing energy with a diameter of ten feet. It has the same effect as Hype Hugs Are The Best Hugs, but the whole process will leave her pretty drained. She will need a post/few minutes to recover, depending on how long the aura is sustained.

    Quiet, Please: Every Briarheart, whether created naturally by a cult or unnaturally in a lab, has their own unique plague. Twice a day, Hyperion can summon up a cloud of pink spores with a fifteen-foot radius that swirl around her for the length of a post. Alternatively, eight times a day, she is able to produce a smaller burst of spores from pods in the palms of her hands that travels in a three foot-wide cloud for a distance of ten feet. Anyone caught within the cloud with unprotected skin or who breathes the spores in will come down with a "disease" that pacifies them. All within the effective radius immediately lose their desire to fight and do harm to others, lose the ability to be angry and upset, and are exponentially (almost sickeningly) friendly to those around them. The disease runs its course over several hours.

    Worldbond: Hyperion can dig her vines into dirt, stone, and wood, and focus her thoughts in order to sense all life forms within a half-mile radius. Through the vibrations against the earth and the unique energy that emits from both man and beast, she is able to identify every single species that is within range. The more and varied the lifeforms she senses while dug in, the more strenuous and draining the process is for her. She cannot identify an unknown person or thing by their pulse; if she is looking for a specific person, she must have encountered them already to know their unique signal.

    Long-Distance Hugging: Hype is able to sprout up to six different vines from anywhere on her body simultaneously, which can be commanded to fly through the air, grab onto things, pull her towards objects and vice versa, and tie up aggressors until they calm the fuck down. Each vine has the strength to lift up, push, and pull up to 100 pounds on its own. The vines can move as fast as she is normally, physically able to. The vines are up to an inch thick, and have the defensive strength of delyn. Each vine has a maximum length of 20 feet, and can be retracted at will.

    Thornwaifu: All along her vines, Hype is able to grow and retract nasty inch-long thorns that have the strength of delyn at will.

    Nasty, Big, Pointy Teeth: Yep, she's got them. Hype's teeth are incredibly sharp, and when threatened she can bite down hard enough to pierce and tear Tier 4 materials. She can puncture Tier 5 materials, but will likely crack her teeth and jaw if she tries.

    Splash Of The Ol' Amber Deathjuice: Hype's body developed acid sacs, and when push comes to shove she has no qualms defending herself with them. Ten times a day, she can spray a three foot-wide cone of acid from her mouth that has an effective range of 15 feet. Hyperion is immune to the effects of her own acid; on other organ matter, however, it begins burning and rotting away flesh, muscle, and plant matter in a matter of seconds/length of a post. The pain a victim feels severe. A victim's skin will start melting and rotting away upon contact. The damage will spread to within three inches from where contact was made.


    - Mythril face mask

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    EXP: 92,057, Level: 13
    Level completed: 15%, EXP required for next Level: 11,943
    Level completed: 15%,
    EXP required for next Level: 11,943

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    Reincarnation dealt with, and hugwaifu approved.
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