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Thread: What's Going on: In Character

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    What's Going on: In Character

    So, admist all this jazz. I wanna see where some peoples stories are at!

    Althanas has always been filled with such unique and interesting characters and stories. I sometimes find myself reading other characters threads and really enjoying them. I've only been here a little over a year, but not much has changed to me, other than a butt load more threads!

    tell me what your characters are up to! This isn't just about promoting your threads but like giving a small rundown on whats going on in the world of Althanas!
    I'll do some below to get the ball rolling

    So Eteri has finally settled down with the young Alchemist Nevin! In the thread 'Darker Shade of Crimson (totally up in the workshop hint hint) She ran into a bit of trouble with 'The gallery' a group of people who find 'beauty' and 'art' in grotesque displays of the dead forever stuck in the scene of their death. (bonus points if you can guess where this has been inspired from)

    Recently she found out that Nevin is some sort of a god and in 'What it Means to be a God' she decided she is going to be his priestess oh by oh my! This may not end well for poor reluctant Nevin who isn't sure he wants to accept such responsibility just yet. But lets face it, ETeri isn't exactly the brighest bulb in the pack but when she sets her mind on something there is nothing stopping her.

    SHe killed her bestest best friend in the whole wide world in 'Massacare Girls' and was rolling around in Depression. Along comes Erik; who decides she needs a dose of 'jolly good cooperation' and well uses her as a literal human javelin. because COOPERATION IS GOOD FOR YOU.

    If that wasn't enough she met some Hunter guy who promptly hunted her down and ripped her apart, because yanno that's what you do when you introduce yourself to people, at least when you're Amari. Now all wrapped up in her own depression he's been a bit of a comfort for the lady but hey - turns out that her Ar'Tuel heritage has come back to mess things up once again.

    Apparently she is his dead wife?

    well.. that's awkward. Someone pass her the Yurik Firewhiskey.

    She's sordid and moody and quite frankly can't put up with Eteri and her crazy ass life. Last we saw her she was busy pervin' on Breakers Booty

    Ahh, the newest character to my bunch. Also known as Experiment 25. She escape with Experiment 87. She is very physically weak, can barely talk and her body is so frail if you glared at her she'd probably fall over and bleed everywhere. She's really quite lovely, if not a little robotic. Her and her friend are currently travelling across the Tular plains, away from the secret base to try and find a better life.

    Its proving difficult due to her naievety about the outsdie world, unlike Experiment 87 she was captured at the age of 5 and doesn't know hooplah about anything!

    But hey, at least she has a pretty flower growin' out of her hread, right?


    how baout everyone else?

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    A small, rebellious section of the Brotherhood decided the risk Shinsou posed to the organization was too great and tricked him into going to Salvar, where the Telgradians who had been hunting him for years would lie in wait. In exchange, Telgradia vowed to leave Althanas and the Brotherhood alone.

    Shinsou's father, Telos, intercepted him before he reached the ambush and knocked him out. He tried halfheartedly to erase his memories, but this failed. Instead, he let Shinsou live, telling him that he would inform Telgradia he himself had killed his son to forever keep them off his back. Before Shinsou left, Telos told him the name of the Brotherhood faction leader who betrayed him, and off Shinsou went to kill him.

    Meanwhile, one of Shinsou's former right hand men, Arius, assumed command of the Brotherhood and has set up Crennick (the traitor) for a fall. Loyal to Shinsou in the extreme, he aims to wipe out the rebellious faction in the leader's absence.

    Right this moment, Shinsou has reunited with Philomel who is using Delath to assist him in getting into Crennick's house.
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    Nevin Aimaparapoiitis
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    Human (Godling)
    Deals with the Crimson Hand, the Cult of Blessed Torture, helping Philomel hunt down a rogue alchemist who is murdering people in Radasanth, he just learned recently his apprentice is kind of from a really fucked up dude that Nevin wants to literally see his soul obliterated. He's starting up helping ol' Fitebear in discovering his history but we'll see where that goes.

    On a personal front, Nevin has discovered he is quite happy to actually not be a lonely bastard and has settled in with Eteri and by all appearances and actions is quite happy with her. He's still figuring out how having a girlfriend works though, especially one who is a catgirl. Not quite firm enough with her for some people's tastes.

    Did have a bit of a kerfuffle with some folks who were really into death and artistic savagery they'd kidnapped his girlfriend and were going to make her a new art piece. He objected to this, strenuously, and with a great deal of anger. His efforts may have made him their new favorite artist...

    And finally. Whoops. Eteri figured out Nevvy isn't quite fully human. Who would have guessed, what with having living symbiotic/thread things that are literally a part of him? So she's making him confront that part of himself. He's not sure he's ready for that.


    Currently not a lot going on with my tallest character. He's happily with Camille, and seems to be helping her work through her issues with Nikita. The two of them are examining homes. (And you thought NevTeri moved fast)

    He's also working with a slip of a girl who clearly needs more JOLLY COOPERATION in her life. He ran out of arrows, so he threw her at the thunderbird they were fighting. It worked so he sees no issues with it. Next step: if she says she doesn't care, he'll beat some bitches with another bitch.

    OH. And he now may or may not be getting confused for blight zombies in Raeairia (I CAN NEVER SPELL THIS RIGHT) by Ioder. Whee.

    The Huntsman
    Kidnapped from his homeland by Philomel. Figured out his memories were fake. Tried to thank Philomel for taking him away from that place. Currently trying to help the woman who was his wife in her past life, figure out what exactly he is, and still Hunt some Beasts. Simple man, simple plans.
    He's also helping train a rather unique individual how to survive on her own. Vixen seems to feel a connection with him herself.

    Experiment 87. Kidnapped by a xenophobic group in Fallien because he was an oddity amongst the desert dwellers, Ronny boy would have went mad if not for his star in the hellish place, Esther. He wants to show her the world outside of the hell their captors put them through. He's far more of a fighter than she is - but he is also working on figuring out what it means that the voices in his head were his own all along.

    Fiddler Bard. Right now, just wandering the land. I'll probably start him up proper in Stonevale. Because we need a bit more levity here.


    ​Well. Probably not going to write with the little hellion. I just can't get into that chaotic evil mindset I wanted for her.
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    Telli' thread count: zero. I just can't get into writing the little hellion.
    Ronnel: Not even approved yet.

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    What's left of her is currently residing in a small vial carried by Amari. Spends her time whispering disapproval of the guys her bestest friend in the whole wide world meets from beyond the grave and spilling out onto the table in the shape of a middle finger or angry emoji.


    Currently still at the compound deep in Concordia. Her chest is hurting, she can't stop crying, the other briarbane are rebelling, Madison has been gone for almost a month now, and she can't figure out why.

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    Felicity, who recides in Oakwood, Scara Brae, has been basically researching and working as an alchemist. The only major thing going on with her right now is the thread with Nevin where they're researching her powers and she apparently has just now developed signs of PTSD from events over a year ago.

    If I could reply the threads I'm already in, I'd RP more :P
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    Currently trying to balance life as head of the Gilded Lily and also as a mother. Is finding it difficult, mostly because she has had her morals challenged recently when she met the Huntsman. She had to question whether her problem with science, which she has always considered an abhorrence and an attempt to replicate the power of the gods without their blessing, is well-founded or not. She is now having new experiences, including the reuniting with her old friend Shinsou.


    Currently part the way through the 'Vindrexis' storyline. Her employer Vitruvion (who is also her master and her god trapped in a human form but nobody knows he is a god and they can't tell anyone) has a half brother who has come to Althanas from the planet they are both from, intent on destroying Vitruvion's world. This brother (Vindrexis) has brought back Stare's own brother as an undead (Avin) and Stare was just killed by him. Avin has no memory of his life. Stare has now discovered she is immortal, never aging and literally woke up one morning with wings. She is currently in Radasanth after various reunions - first with her old friend Nosdyn with whom she did some piracy to save a ship from Vindrexis' plans, and then they had a date. Second, with Raevin, her co-worker who has lost his leg in another attack by Vindrexis. Thirdly, with Nevin and his partner Eteri.


    Is currently having adventures with the elf prince Elthas. Between helping this guy out and helping Philomel deal with life.


    Recently has recovered from being turned to stone. Is now rapidly maturing and learning new things. Is worrying her parents a little, including Vaeron who said he'd never take an interest in her...


    Stare's brother, recently faced with the fact there may be more reason why he was brought back than just because Vindrexis admired his race. Is currently wandering the Tular Plains, confused and lost and trying to remember his life, but proud of the fact he made Beinost almost starve. Almost. Is currently heading towards a town where a certain other person is going...


    Another half sibling to Vitruvion, she has just recently escaped three thousand years and more of imprisonment and slavery in Hernsford, a slave port. She has come to the Tular Plains to start her life again, and met with a man called Hunter, who is helping her learn the ways of the world. She feels naïve but is going to the same town. Note: she actually originally came to Althanas as guardians of the kenkus, hence them doing unusually well as a lost race who had no memory before they arrived...
    Matriarch of the Gilded Lily and of its brothels, associated establishments and the army.

    The family triplet: Philomel, Vaeron and Celandine.
    The god and kenku triplet: Stare, Avin and Vixen.

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    Camille Arianna Dark
    Leila- succubus

    Is trying to reunite the pieces of her severed soul together with the help of her lover Breaker before their twins are born. If she gives birth with out her soul intact their children will be still born. She is held captive right now by the price Ranja that has an unhealthy obsession with her. Gods speed Breaker and Leila!

    Karina- halfling

    She had been hunted by the huntsman with false pretenses only to be taken by an ancient vampire that plans to torture her. Hopefully the great Shin can reach her in time before too much pain is inflicted on her. (Also she is free to do more threads if anyone is interested. I want to start using her more.)

    Camille- Lycan

    She is actually happy for once, her and Nikita are almost one person again, Erik has shown her what love truly is and though sometimes she is waiting for the other shoe to drop she is thankful for the love she has. Oh her And Amari May actual meet face to face!


    She has fallen in love with Breaker and he her. She has almost died in a winters storm and has been kidnapped to be thrown into shark infested water by the men Breaker commands. Seem a specific Goddess is jealous of their relationship.

    If anyone is interested in doing any threads please let me know!
    * Gnarloc & Camille* Winner of Best Althanas Couple.

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    Fenn - Currently serving as Chancellor Banrion's herald, Fenn is running about Althanas doing errands. He's doing some research on the "mortal lands" for her, and also has picked up a real nifty poison for a sneaky-sneaky murder. Banri; ascend to Regenthood.

    Varin - Still being a wandering artist. May have come in contact with magic clay pot. Contents; one small djinn kid.

    Moffit - Fell from the sky on one redheaded alchemist. Now; ???

    Kalista - wat the hell is necrocutie even doin??? probably nothin important

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