Felicity: Hey, Nevin! Hey, Nevin!
Nevin: What, Felicity? What is it?
Felicity: Want to hear what I've learned as an alchemist?
Nevin: I guess?
Felicity: [Holding deadly nightshade] This is called... the poppy seed!
Nevin: I already know what a poppy seed is, Felicity.
Felicity: [Slams berries in his head and smothers them around his forehead] You use it to make people fall asleep just a bit easier!
Nevin: I don't think this is a poppy seed, but I do think I'm going to pass out.
Daisuke: Felicity! Is that an actual plant you're touching? You've improved so much!
Nevin: So do you think this is all berry juice? 'Cause I think my eye's also bleeding...
[Source: Moonkitti.]