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    Incorrect Althanas Quotes

    Basically, you take a quote from a show, movie, comic, meme, etc. and apply it to Althanas' cast. It's highly suggested that you add the source. Preferably in character? Have fun!

    Amari: Can I get some advice?
    Maddy: I'm not great at advice.
    Maddy: Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?
    [Source: Friends]

    Fenn: Alchemist, it's really muggy outside today.
    Nevin: Fenn, if you put all my mugs on my front porch, I'm kicking you out again!
    Fenn: [Sips coffee from bowl]
    [Source: Twitter]

    Felicity: You can't spend the rest of your life alone, dressed in black, listening to angry music, and staying up all night.
    Ashla: Yes, I can.
    [Source: Lego Batman Movie]

    Ashla: You sound childish.
    Felicity: You sound adultish.
    [Source: VeggieTales in the House]

    Amari: Why must every eleven minutes of my life be filled with misery?!?
    [Source: Spongebob Squarepants]

    [Source: Spongebob Squarepants]

    Maddy: The real treasure was the memories we made.
    Lye: You almost killed me.
    Maddy: That was my fondest memory.
    [Source: Unknown ]

    Fenn, over a long distance communications device: It's Fenn.
    Amari: What did he do this time?
    Fenn: No, it's Fenn. It's actually me.
    Amari: What did you do this time?
    [Source: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.]

    Seth: What makes you think I'm upset?
    Lye: The giant hole you carved into the table.
    [Source: B99.]

    Philomel, running into the room: Did someone say beauty? Because here I am!
    [Source: The Suite Life on Deck.]

    Nevin: You once broke a rib trying to fight one of those inflatable flobby guys at a car dealership.
    Fenn: I won.
    [Source: Parks and Rec.]

    Skie: So I have made the decision to trust you.
    Seth, internally: A horrible decision, really.
    [Source: Tangled.]

    Maddy: if we’re gonna make it out alive, we’re gonna need an illogical solution. A truly dumb idea.
    Everyone: [Looks at Fenn]
    [Source: Young Justice.]

    Felicity: Has anyone seen Ashla?
    Ashla, lying face-down on the floor: Present.
    [Source: B99.]

    Person: I sort of did something and I need some advice, but I don't want a lot of judgement and criticism.
    Artemis: And you came to me?
    [Source: Modern Family.]

    Ashla: I'm the worst person in the world! I'm never good enough! I hate myself!
    Also Ashla: I'm the greatest person in the world! I rock! Way to go, me!
    [Source: Tumblr.]

    Amari: [Hugs Lye]
    Lye: What are you doing? What is this?
    Amari: Affection.
    Lye: Disgusting.
    Lye: Do it again.
    [Source: Tumblr.]
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