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Thread: The Learning Twist [Closed]

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    “You flew on a griffin?” Alina gasped against his strangling arms. “That right is supposed to be reserved for the shamans of the highest order… and Hybrid Isle is but a fable. But then… so too were your exploits, at least that was what I thought. What was Hybrid Isle like?”

    “Not incredibly welcoming,” Breaker said, keeping a tight grip on the dancer’s lithe body. “Although I did manage to plant my seed in an apprentice’s belly. Some day soon, I will return to Hybrid Isle in order to claim my child. Until then… I have other matters to attend. Such as forging an alliance with you.”

    “I suppose I could consider your friendship,” Alina stuttered, her teeth chattering with the cold. “But only if you give me what I desire. What I deserve. A fair fight, and a fair defeat. Do not force the humiliation of a draw upon me.”

    “I fear it’s a little late for that.” Breaker said, and suddenly a frigid mist was upon them. It opened the pores on her forehead as wide as her bulging eyes, and then the were flying through the opaque air, separating from the ice floe but staying together because of Breaker’s body bind.

    “Is this anything like riding a griffin?” Alina asked breathlessly as they tumbled through the mist.

    “A little,” Breaker whispered. “If you close your eyes.”


    Alina opened her eyes in the Citadel’s infirmary. She hadn’t felt the impact on earth or water, or wherever they had landed. She could only presume she had died. And the fall likely would have killed Cronen too, for all his power. So she was stuck with the draw she had so dreaded coming out of her first bout at the Citadel. It hung in the back of her throat, and a vile acrid taste, making her want to spit.

    She changed out of the cotton slip she was dressed in and donned her somehow unblemished clothing, noting that her belt knife and spear were waiting by the door. The wonders of the Citadel had not ceased to amaze her, despite her disillusioning opponent. She collected her belongings, sheathing the trusty belt knife and carrying the spear loosely over one shoulder.

    In the hallway she nearly ran into a monk with amber eyes and a kind smile. He nodded at her and gestured for her to follow.

    “Please,” he said, “I am a friend of Joshua Cronen. He wishes to speak with you.”

    Alina hesitated for a long moment. She did not really want to speak with Cronen. Her heart thundered a little when she thought of him. Perhaps she didn’t want to speak with him in fear of what she might feel. She bared her teeth. A warrior of the Mi’Sheteri never backed down before fear. She followed the monk down the hall and into another room in the infirmary.

    Joshua Cronen stood near the far fall, facing her. His grin lit up his face, the Y-shaped scars on his cheeks dimpling. He was still wearing those amazing black metal boots, and he still looked like a stalking Karuku-Tal when he moved. Even more so, now that he wasn’t standing on a dangerously tilting ice floe.

    Alina stepped into the room and crossed her arms. “Well?” She demanded. “What have you to say?”

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    Joshua Breaker Cronen
    Breaker’s grin grew until it covered his face. The dancer was even more appealing to look at in the calm of the Citadel, after the madness of the raging rapids. The fire had not receded from her eyes though… she was still as irate as her words and posture seemed to indicate.

    “You fought well today,” he said kindly, “may I know your name, warrior?” He took a step forward and held out his hand, torchlight playing on his callused palm.

    The dancer appeared to consider his request for a time, and then cooly reached out and clasped his forearm. His arm and hand dwarfed hers, but her grip had a confident power to it.

    “I am Alina Espad’rina,” she said in flowing Fallieni, “of the Mi’Sheteri. You know of my people?”

    “I met one, once.” Breaker raised an eyebrow. “Is it not unusual to find a Glasswalker so far from home?”

    “It is,” Alina acknowledged with a nod, “but I am no ordinary Glasswalker. The fates have foretold great things in my future.”

    “There are great things in your present,” Josh said mysteriously, “if you would only accept them. We are meant to be friends and allies, Alina. How might I prove that to you?”

    The woman placed a finger alongside her cheek and took a few steps toward the far wall, regarding Breaker from the corner of her eye the whole time. He felt her gaze waft up and down his body, taking in the fine tailored lines of his sifan clothing and the sharp angles of his enchanted boots. She smiled.

    “I am new in this country,” she said, “I know little and I have little. If you would agree to be my guide, and purchase for me some… provisions, I think that an alliance between us could be arranged.”

    Breaker let out a long laugh.

    “Is that all you ask?” He said. “I accept. In that case, I think our first stop should be the bazaar district here in Radasanth. They should be able to provide all the… provisions… you require.”

    “Do not be so certain,” Alina said fiendishly. “I am far from my home and have little to support my journies. I may require some archaic, expensive items. I hope you are as well to do as your attire would suggest.”

    “I have a fairly ample supply of coin,” Breaker smiled, “and I’m not afraid to part with some of it… for a friend. An ally.” He reached out a finger and moved a loose lock of black hair behind Alina’s ear.

    For a moment she wavered, as if ready to fall into his embrace. Most women would have fallen for Cronen’s charms far sooner. But this one had something special about her… a strength of character far outside the norm.

    “Ally and friend I may be,” she said, deliberately moving the strand of her hair back to where it had been. “But lovers is one thing we shall not become. I would avoid such familiar actions if I were you, Breaker, or else I may challenge you to another duel. And I will not hold back this time.”

    Josh opened his mouth, and then met Alina’s dark eyes. She was teasing him. A moment of silence passed between them, and then they both burst out laughing, leaning on one another for support.
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    The Learning Twist.


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