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Thread: Old 'Railgun' McGee (Level 3)

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    EXP: 23,536, Level: 6
    Level completed: 51%, EXP required for next Level: 3,464
    Level completed: 51%,
    EXP required for next Level: 3,464

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    Nyadir D'Var

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    Old 'Railgun' McGee (Level 3)

    Changes are highlighted in maroon.

    Name: Nyadir D'Var
    Alias: Ebivoulya
    Age: 26
    Race: Half-Elf
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 220lbs
    Occupation: Smuggler


    Normally, he is wary of other people, and to the point when he speaks. His patience has grown short over the years, and controlling his anger more difficult. When he loses control over his dark passenger, his personality changes to that of a wanton killer with a literal thirst for blood. The only physical change is his eyes, swirling from blue to blood-filled.


    When typically clothed, the tall and muscled half-elf wears a simple brown vest and matching brown pants, complimenting his usually light tan. His extremities are protected with armored leather boots sporting a steel toe and heel, and armored leather gloves with metal knuckles and a steel plate on the back of the hand. Due to consistently being attacked, he tends to wear a heavy black cloak and go by an alias. Around his neck hangs a brilliant blue sapphire. A solid leather strap crosses his chest, with the hilt of his Bastard Sword sticking out of a hole in his cloak behind his right shoulder. Under his left arm rests a Plynt Dagger and Spool of Steel Wire, held close to him by his thick leather belt.


    Half-Elven Senses: Though he appears human, his senses are twice as keen. His night vision is better than that, thanks to his affinity for night-time employment opportunities.

    Mental Speed: After extensive practice with his enhancement, the wanderer has gotten used to fighting in that state, and so his reaction speed has sharpened to twice that of the average warrior.

    Acrobatic Agility: Through pushing himself past his limits so often with his augmentation abilities, the half-elf has grown accustomed to taking unlikely risks in a split second. He has even developed an uncanny knack for wriggling out of dangerous situations; despite his size, he can pull off some unexpected and challenging maneuvers.

    Above-Average Swordplay: He has been adventuring with his sword for many years, and has grown used to its size and weight. He can handle a skilled opponent, and can effectively wield it single-handed with either arm.

    Above-Average Knifework: In his trials, he has grown more swift and accurate with his dagger, and has managed with similar sized weapons. He can throw a knife at fifteen paces with either hand within a radius of about one foot, making him fairly accurate.

    Average Wirework: After much practice he has managed to use his wire and dagger to decent effect, and has grown used to the spin and arc of the line. He can occasionally pull off more difficult maneuvers, but those still backfire from time to time, so he tends to keep it simple


    Fell energy has suffused the half-elf since he was joined by his dark passenger, and through daily use he has increased the number of 'charges' of this energy he can muster to six per day. These can be used either for Healing, or Enhancement.

    Enhancement - His enhancement takes three seconds per charge. For one charge he can increase his strength and speed to two times normal for one minute. Two charges can be combined to increase the improvement to four times normal for one minute, or two times normal for two minutes. He can also simply increase his stamina, allowing him to maintain a run for up to one hour per charge.

    Healing: His healing operates in an area one foot wide, but requires more energy to heal different tissue types. Within three seconds using one charge, he can heal any broken bones, and muscle, tendon, and vessel damage in the area. Within twenty seconds using two charges, he can heal any organ and nerve damage in the area.

    Dark Passenger

    Mental Purity - Due to the unusual nature of his mind, he can resist mind-affecting abilities of people his level or lower.

    Demonic Sight: He has learned to tap into the tainted vision of his dark passenger, and in this state he can see twice as far as normal, and his reaction speed is doubled. Due to the strain, he can only maintain this state for up to one minute, but after a few minutes can use it again, up to three times in a day. He has gained enough experience to maintain it even in combat.

    Demonic Possession: Every time he loses concentration, his dark passenger is waiting to take control. When it does, the enhancement on his body amounts to three times his normal strength and speed, and can last for up to two minutes before he blacks out from the strain. The Demonic Sight ability is automatically active when in this state. When recovering from losing himself, his speed, strength, and reaction time are reduced for a few minutes. No more than one use per day.


    Steel Bastard Sword: This blade has been with Nyadir since he escaped, and has served him well. It is roughly five feet long, with a polished double-edge, and rounded metal knobs at each end of the hilt with skulls carved into them facing opposite each-other. The hilt and handle are wrapped in black leather.

    Plynt Dagger: This pale green blade is slightly porous, and absorbs liquids readily. It is about eight inches in length, with two inches of serrated edge just above the hilt. The handle has a loop in the end designed to secure the clip at the end of the spool of wire.

    Spool Of Steel Wire: This spool of wire was designed to clip onto the end of the Plynt Dagger for a more ranged approach.


    Nyadir was the son of a human blacksmith and an elven merchant. His father was a barbarian from the rigid mountains of Salvar. He took to the ocean soon after leaving his clansmen, his mind set on adventure beyond their snowy borders. He traveled to Corone, where he met his wife. Eventually they settled down near the great lake of Alerar, where they had their sons, Nyadir and Locke. One evening a group of riders, tattered and beaten, rode into the village. They asked for a place to rest, and the village accepted them with some doubt. One of them left shortly afterwards, and returned in the night with a raiding party. Their leader was a man named Balenthal; a barbarian by trade; slaughter and pillage came easily to him.

    The men of the village had little chance to defend themselves, most dying as they woke, yet even though the young Nyadir's father was awake, the coward took off into the woods rather than defending his family. The young half-elf's mother hid him in a stack of scrap metal, thankful her other son had not returned from the woods after the two brothers fought earlier. The door slammed open, and several large fur-covered barbarians entered and swiftly backhanded the woman in their way. Though the others were lining the selection up outside for the leader to look over, the group decided to 'enjoy her' themselves. The young boy of eight made not a sound, though he looked on in horror. The barbarians found him afterwards, silent and staring, and lined him up outside with the other children. Nyadir fought violently to keep the blue stone his mother had given him around his neck, but otherwise stared into the distance. He reacted to no one for a long time, except for a young slave girl named Sani who always talked to him when she got the chance.


    Despite the many women taken into Balenthal's chambers, none could bear him a child. He was infuriated at the thought that all he had built would be left to crumble in his absence. He sought out the hardiest of the slave lads, and arrived at a tie between Nyadir and another half-barbarian named Kehlr. They were notorious for getting in fights with one another, that usually ended in draws. The two boys of fifteen were brought out of the mines and into luxury, though they spent all day studying and practicing with weapons under a stout grey-haired barbarian named Hasmir. The young Nyadir studied under the mage Galvarin, but often sneaked away while the old man rambled to bring some food to Sani.

    The demands of the irrational Balenthal grew increasingly strenuous, until he began denying the loser of the last match dinner for that evening. The two lads quickly agreed to alternate the losses, and grew closer in their mutual hatred for the barbarian king. To toss the match to the kindling, one evening a guard reported a strange gem found in the mines. It reacted to the world around it, but any living flesh could pass right through it. One of Balenthalís wizards referred to him a book mentioning such godly gemstones, and he inquired as to how a mortal could come to possess the power of the Emerald.


    The mage mentioned a ritual that could reach into the underworld and tear a soul from it into living flesh, allowing the host to exist on multiple planes. After many months of searching, one of the king's agents found a scroll depicting the ceremony. After several tests Balenthal underwent the ceremony. Nearly all of the test subjects had simply received the souls of normal people from the past, and would occasionally black out and become those people. This was also the case with the barbarian king, and it didn't take him long to learn to resist the blackouts. It was then that he decided to give his sons the same 'gift,' that they may inherit all of his empire. The two lads were led to separate chambers, and that was the last young Nyadir saw of his new-found brother Kehlr.

    The coldness of the shackles and the drone of chanting were all the young barbarian could remember before darkness took him. He awoke to blood on the floor and a deep unease as the few remaining mages and servants were restraining him. Balenthal chose to keep the deaths quiet, but Nyadir said very little for several months. The most anyone would tell him of Kelhr was that he had been too weak for the ceremony, so he spent his time quietly listening to Galvarin. He no longer went to see Sani, he didn't think he could face her. Two more 'incidents' occurred over the next year, but the young barbarian's son always managed to hide the bodies and avoid suspicion. Finally, he came to the conclusion that he couldn't let the barbarian king continue to ruin people's lives, so he decided to steal the Emerald and escape.


    The boy's instructor Galvarin agreed to help him, but had to leave the next day on business of the king, so he enchanted Nyadir so that he would become temporarily invisible when touched by the light of a full moon, which was due in a few days. Unluckily, the young swordsman in training was challenged to a sparring match by none other than his 'father' Balenthal the day he meant to escape. Everything went alright at first, until a simple mistake earned Nyadir a blow to the head that left him unable to fight off the roiling black clouds in his mind. He awoke some time later in a pitch-black stone cell with no idea what had happened, but he could guess. It seemed his hopes of escape were dashed, but shortly before dawn he spied some moonlight on the wall opposite the vent. He placed his hand there and watched it fade, then began his escape.

    He escaped his cell easily enough, thanks to inept guards, and shortly made his way to Balenthal's bedchamber. He found the large man asleep, cradling the gem tied around his neck. The stealthy lad cut the cord with his stolen dagger, and quietly left with the Emerald. His next goal was the sealed room protecting the scroll. With more trickery he sneaked inside, deciding to push a guard into the pillar in the middle of the room holding the scroll aloft. His choice was wise, as a bolt of light fried the falling guard and tossed the young half-elf into the wall. He managed to grab the scroll and dash out the door as the other guards stumbled in, his invisibility serving him quite well. It was a frantic run out to the main gate as the sun crept over the horizon, but he escaped shortly before he became visible again. He took off in the direction of the caravan which had apparently bought Sani a few days prior, but despite all his effort he eventually lost the trail, and so began to wander.


    Samutth a Ranajira
    Seeking to learn more about his mother the young half-elf visits Corone, and while there partakes in a fight in the Dajas Pagoda. Though he does not win the battle, his dark passenger is sated for a time.

    Steppe It Up
    After returning to wander Alerar, he ends up looking for work on the streets of Ettermire. Though he gains employment in tracking down a spy carrying stolen airship schematics, relations quickly devolve between him and his employer Storm Veritas.

    Along The River's Edge
    The half-elf returns to Ettermire to sell the airship schematics, but despite help from a streetwise friend he is forced to escape the city before his employer returns. Relying only on rumors of The Company operating out of Salvar he travels north along a river, but runs into some familiar barbarians in the Kachuck Mountains.

    A ripple appears in liquid time...

    In which the wanderer recovers what was taken, loses what was saved, and abandons what matters to chase the sun.

    In which the half-elf uses his schematics to acquite an airship.

    In which the smuggler acquires a crew, and his first clients.

    The ripple subsides...

    Who You Gonna Call?
    While making a routine smuggling trip to Corone, the wanderer travels down-river to find some fun in The Citadel. He ends up fighting a ghostly specter in an ancient graveyard, and delves deeper into madness as the fight devolves.

    Low Stretches The Hand
    Another routine smuggling trip goes awry when the merchandise is stolen, and the half-elf decides to solve the matter personally, to maintain his contract with a Coronian senator named Fordstein.

    Old Profiles

    Level 0, Level 1, Level 1.5, Level 2
    Sings we a dances of wolves, who smells fear and slays the coward,
    Sings we a dances of mans, who smells gold and slays his brother.

    Low Stretches The Hand (feat. Gum)
    Who You Gonna Call? (feat. Elthas)
    Inanimation Station (feat. Fez)

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    Level completed: 94%,
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