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    Son of Winter

    Name: Garron Ivari Cadeyrn

    Nickname/Alias: Son of Winter

    Age: 20

    Race: Human

    Height: 7'0"

    Weight: 270 lbs

    Occupation: Mercenary

    Personality: Energetic, restless and closed off, Garron never confides in anyone outside of Medeia and will mostly keep to himself unless someone doesn't prove to be ridiculous. He lives by a self-important code of honor and respect, and can be a good friend to those that follow a similar path. He is approachable, and his attitude is usually level, unless he feels threatened, or if he feels his lady love is threatened or disrespected.

    History: (Brief overview) Nuana devoted many a decade forging a name and respectable reputation for herself within the ranks of the infamous Rangers of Corone. Her talents and accolades were noted and superiors entrusted her with expeditions and protection assignments of escorting nobles, merchants and governing officials to all corners of Althanas. During one of these trips of honor to Salvar, Nuana found herself in Archen and met a handsome man of the North by chance, Kedar. He took her breath away that day. Many times did she travel to Archen for duty after that day, and Kedar made it a point to be in the Gateway to the North when her party arrived. Each waking moment off-duty, Nuana spent with Kedar. Several months clicked by and a noticeable swell developed in her belly. Trips abroad had to cease. She was pregnant with Garron and thought it best to settle down in Tylmerande to raise her son; keeping her close to her beloved Concordia and living within the country she adored. She never returned to Salvar, for when she birthed, Kedar's bloodline secret that carries through the male chromosome shown blatantly upon the wrist of her son.

    Childhood had been full of trials and training regiments fit for a man. Nuana did all she could to trim Garron into following solely in her footsteps within the Rangers, and she made it a point to voice this excessively to him. But he didn't want to hear it. He desired a different path of his own choosing. The ray of sunshine to tear through the black clouds and brightened his dark days was when a spunky little girl around his age came skipping into his life during an outing with his mother. Little Medeia was everything he wasn't, and the two children became quick friends. She was known to steal away from time to time, disregarding her chore duties for the clank of playing daggers with Garron, among stumbling into other childhood trouble the inseparable two could fall into. The years had passed and the two best friends found a love so deep and rare, most could only hope to experience in a lifetime for themselves. Together, the couple have yet to stay in one place for too long within Tylmerande, but both Medeia and Garron have plans and personal goals to set blazing into motion.

    Appearance: Ultimately Garron is described bodily as a hulk of a man. Alpine in height, he stands tall with a T-framed posture and thickly blessed herculean in mass. Deeply aware almond-shaped eyes set emblazoned in wild maelstroms of what can be perceived as wicked cauldrons molten with emerald and sapphire. Cascading abundance of chestnut laded hair flow to brush teasingly the top portions of wide shoulders, framing a strong unforgettable face rich with defined cheekbones, and a slight pout of wind-torn lips normally drenched with thought and caution. Choice of garb usually preferred regularly consists of a form-fitting boiled leather tunic and intricately woven black breetches with a tanned double strapped leather belt connecting a molded shoulder-strap arching over his right shoulder. Simply crafted tattered black leather field boots protect his feet from the harsh terrain so chosen to tread over. A curious mark graces his inner right wrist; rhomboid in appearance, it is yet to be known to Garron what this may consist of.


    Master Survivalist/Tracker- Due to his mother's keen intentions to turn Garron on the path she herself had chosen as a career and lifestyle, he underwent vigorous training in ways of a seasoned Ranger since a young age. Two skills he honed were those of survival and tracking. Never has there been a person or creature that Garron couldn't track through the thickest of forest, or over wind-swept stone. He seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to seeing things a normal eye may disregard.

    Adept Targeting- Garron's childhood training also consisted of weapon control and battlefield preparation. He became relentlessly dangerous with axe and dagger throwing (after many moons of frustration and immeasurable amounts of obnoxious cursing while the young Medeia provoked and giggled at him during their youth), but his personal favorite of the two is the axe. His aim and ambidextrous arm strength is unfathomable. With a clear pathway, he could split the trunk of a five inch tree from thirty feet away. Even the best of talents waver from targets the further out they become, as so does Garron.

    Adept Polearmsman- Although trained moderately in bladed weapons, Garron has always felt more comfortable with the heavy mass of a warhammer gracing his palms. He took quickly to polearms, and continues to hone his ability to improve skill, control and strength.


    Raging Vehemence- Garron has the ability to tap into and control his rage; focusing it into periods of controlled adrenaline levels, testosterone levels, speed and strength. During this short allowance of use, capability lies into self envisioned areas of heightened puppeteering throughout his body. (As an example: focusing his focused energy into a punch, kick, or force behind an object of throwing.) However, using this ability will leave his energy levels near spent, and recovery will be needed in terms of his expenditure thereafter, depending on the level of energy focused at the time. (Top tier focusing will take at least a day for full recovery, and smaller focusing ventures can take a matter of hours)

    *Note: This ability in its level one capability, Garron hasn't the knowledge to collect energy from outside sources such as one could by using something like ki, nor can he increase his base size. He can only focus his self-strength, inner energy and emotional spikes into one single maneuver or strike at this level. The focused appendage or maneuver will tap out at a value of double the integrity of his normality before he becomes too exhausted to even stand. Listed below are his normal bodily capabilities to help calculate what this ability is capable of.

    ~*Body Integrity Information*~

    Running Speed;~ 18 M.P.H.
    Visionary Limitations;~ 15' "Midst Close Counter Battle"
    Jumping Limitations;~ 3' Vertical 10' Horizontal "Midst Running"
    Reaction Time;~ 1.2 Seconds
    Punch Register;~ 2500 Pounds Of Force
    Kick Register;~ 2700 Pounds Of Force

    Mental Fortification- Believed to be a gift of bloodline, Garron could block out the excessive babbling or mind tainting intrusions of even the worst of gossips and telemanipulators. His mother called it having the thick skull of a man, but his latent use of the ability has been with him since birth. (This ability is still in its early stages and will be developed more-so, as will other evolutionary developing of character during his time within Althanas.)


    Warhammer (Iron)
    Set of two double bit throwing axes (Iron)

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    Level completed: 94%,
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