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★ Post Goal of 1000. 935/1000 (As of 4:25 PM)
★ Donation Goal of $250. 70/250 (As of 4:25 PM)

Click here to donate. Please private message me if you've donated so that we can keep track without accessing PayPal.
Thank you to Atzar ($50) and CardsofFate($20) for donating so far.
★ Voting Goal of 50 votes per site. 9/50 & 7/50
Click here to learn how to vote, and get the Althanas name out there! Remember, you can vote multiple times if you use different devices.
★ "Most Members Online" Goal of > 97.

Remember, Althy Day vignettes only last 24 hours, but they earn you the same rewards as month-long contests!
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