Title of Mission: Black Glass

Brief Synopsis of Mission: A group of adventurers go to the lava flows of what was once Lornius to mine obsidian. Unfortunately, they come across a graveyard amongst the cooled down lava - and worse, a mutated salamander twisted by the lava attacks the party.

GM, if any: N/A

Number of Players: 2-5

Enrollment Status: Open

Quality Expectation: 2

Dirks Note: I'm going to amp the quality to 2 here. Traditional boss battle rules will apply. To "win" or defeat the salamander, the team must exceed a 65 score.

Reminder: This is not the official In-Character thread. Please use this for recruitment and planning. Work together to brainstorm further details on the "boss" and environment. Any member may begin this quest on September 1st. Note that the quality expectation is higher and a minimum score is needed to "defeat" the salamander. I will revise the synopsis as needed on August 31st with a collaboration of information discussed here.