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Thread: Pride and Glory (Shinsou vs Storm)

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    Two days later...
    Shinsou Vaan Osiris, on a day when a cold wind whipped around the hilltops a couple of miles south of Radasanth, stood on an ancient stone bridge and stared at the road which led southwards. Having travelled it so many times, the Telgradian already knew where it led. It meandered through the valley and led to the Brotherhood stronghold of Whitevale. Like a concrete snake, it slithered from east to west and alternated between cobble and gravel for almost its entirety, before stopping at those large, iron wrought gates that marked his home.

    The hills were dark with rain. Behind him, standing at ease, with their musket locks wrapped with rags and their muzzles plugged with corks to stop the rain soaking into the barrels, stood five companies of his Immortals; Brotherhood infantry that had declared their loyalty to him during the acrimonious split. They were well drilled, well disciplined and almost completely useless as ceremonial detail, so much so that Shinsou nearly felt sorry for them. But, as circumstances dictated, they were the men who he wanted by his side to spearhead the re-unification. Arius, who was abating the shivers by clutching his coat close to his body, turned to his friend and rose his voice above the howl of the wind.

    “Did you ever find out?”

    Shinsou raised an eyebrow. “Did I ever find out what?

    Arius turned back towards the road, wincing through his round rimmed glasses as the wind beat at him. “Did you ever find out who was better?”

    Shinsou frowned. The electromancer, the Telgradian felt, had worked him during that fight. The more he had thought about it, the more the whole thing had seemed like a specially executed performance, carefully crafted to send a message to him. All the messing about at the start, hiding when Storm knew full well Shinsou could sense him, the deliberately weakened electrical bolts and the manner of his theatrics all felt part of a bigger message; like a test to see how Shinsou would respond to both his presence and his performance.

    Storm Veritas does not turn up to the Citadel to just piss about; he goes there to entertain and test the limits of his powers. I get the feeling he wanted to show me that we have a much bigger connection, a much more important future, than I ever really gave credit for. In a typically Storm Veritasly way, of course.

    “Me,” Shinsou finally responded, wiping his face free of rain, “For now. Where’s that damned envoy?”

    One part of his job was to escort a special Whitevale envoy personally across the bridge and back to the compound. The other part was a simple job; a soldier's job. Word had gotten round that there had been a reparation of relations between Shinsou Vaan Osiris and Storm Veritas, and Shinsou knew that there was a risk that their political and military opponents would try to ambush him before he reached the gates of Whitevale once again. This is why he had chosen this location for the meeting, well out of the way of Whitevale's flat and predictable landscape. The spring had come late, the weather had brought these hills nothing but rain and the stream beneath the bridge was deep, fast and impassible.

    If any assassination party dared to try and intervene, they would have to come to the bridge where Shinsou waited, or not cross the watercourse at all.

    A murmur came from the throng of Immortals who packed the crest. It rose and became an excited shout with the emergence of a small Brotherhood uniformed posse down the gulley. Shinsou looked at the assembled men, nodded to confirm the Brotherhood’s compliance, then looked up at the assorted trees loosely in the wind. His aides crowded close to him as the hooded envoy marched over the narrow bridge that carved the ravine in two and right up the hill until he reached the contingent at the peak. He was taller than Shinsou’s green jacketed guards, wearing a uniform that oddly seemed more penitent than anything.

    "Shinsou Vaan Osiris," The officer asked in a voice that carried itself heavily over the wind and driving rain, "Are you ready to return to Whitevale?"

    The Telgradian looked first at Arius and then looked up to the man in front. A smile crept over his lips.

    “The question, my friend, is not whether I am ready to come back to Whitevale, but whether Whitevale is ready for us. Lead the way, boy.”
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    Name of Thread: Pride and Glory
    Type of Judgement: Basic
    Participants: Shinsou and Storm


    Shinsou vaan Osiris
    1200 EXP
    80 Gold

    Storm Veritas receives:
    1355 EXP
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