She sat, staring out at the wide world before her; an expanse of dreams, a landscape of promise.

Slowly, the woman breathed in, her ancient lungs filling with a chill as she sucked in the cold dawn air. Around her, her hair hung like a veil on three sides, the last of it leaving her face exposed so she could look at the wonder that was the world. For anyone who passed by they might see her as a sorrowful maiden, desdainfully sighing at the wretchedness of the life - perhaps they presumed she was standing on the balcony, looking to the north like that because she was waiting for her lover. But no, that was not so. Instead Vixen Crowsfoot gazed beyond the outskirts of Radasanth, for one simple reason:

Because that was where life was leading her.

For two long months now, she had been free. Free from the chains and cell doors that had kept her prisoner for three thousand years. She had been held as a mysterious prize by the island city state that thrived on slavery - Hernsford - for so long that none of the slaves charged with looking after her could remember why she was there. Not one, for the stories had been lost over time, rumours melting to nothing. Of course, Vixen still could tell her tale, but when everyone had willingly forgotten, why would they willingly listen? And thus it had been that she had been kept as some trophy for so long, until that fateful day when she had broken free ...

And now she was in Radasanth, city of new beginnings, at least for her, and looking north to Akashima where Kenkus were said to originate.

Kenkus were why she had come to this planet; to be their guide and goddess. But the time she had spent with them had been horribly short before she was betrayed by the spirit creatures called the kami and sold to the Sorcerors of Hern, the founders of Hernsford. Now, free, she was determined to continue her quest. Rolling back her shoulders, and twisting away from the rolling plains and the glowing sunrise sky, Vixen took a step to remove herself from the balcony, and twisted back to her bedroom.

It was a small space, but certainly practical enough. It was something she, and her iron demon companion Mikhail, could afford for now. The man himself was currently out, likely making money by offering blacksmith skills, such was the living forge that he was. And he had said that he would be gone for some time. And so, Vixen had made up her mind to travel finally to Akashima. Her eyes glanced over to the note she had written in a hurry - that said where she was going, and why - and then to her already packed bag. It was small as she had so few belongings in the world, but that suited her. Pausing in the middle of the floor, Vixen thought about not going through with the journey once more, wondering if it was really pointless - but then, again, she reminded herself how pointless it would be to not go.

And so, reaching down to pick up the small bag, she started out of the room, and the building itself, locking it all behind her with a small brass key. Hefting the bag onto her shoulder she started towards the local stables, where a caravan awaited, ready to carry her away to fate.