Yes, I'm going to thread one of those awkward hello from a newbie - tentative wave while wary of tomato-based trash throwing - introductory posts with little purpose other than to get to know some of you and vice versa. New kid on the block here. I've been reading threads for a few weeks now, lurking in the shadows and decided it was time to step up and have a go myself. Hopefully you peeps have room for one more.

I may be new here however truth be told I've visited my fair share of play by post roleplaying sites. They're an old favourite of mine since I began writing way back in 2002. The style of Althanas reminds me of where it all started - the game and the writing combined - filling me with nostalgia, though there are some notable improvements here (such as your rubric and workshop). I've played many characters over the years, also dabbled in moderating and dungeon-mastering threads for groups of players to some success.

My character sheet is coming together after shaking off the rust of writer's block, a few weeks in the making, a few final touches and polish left to do. I've a few obscure questions that you may be able to help me with. Would there be any nations that have their own calender, unique names of months, special dates, that sort of thing or do we default to the months we all know and love? Also, currency, it's exceedingly important to Yvonne. Are there different kinds or is it all shiny, twinkley gold pieces? Any platinum, silver, copper? Perhaps your elves trade in exotic beetle shells? No? *sad face*

Anyhow, thank you for dropping in and ogling at me for a while, perhaps even leaving a few kind words and well wishes. It was pleasant simply saying hello.