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    Music And Friendship (Mature - Violence)

    Includes gore and violence themes.
    McKinley and the Crows Part One

    I was not certain who I was.

    I was a being who had been raised from the dead, one whose plumage had been bleached like I had lain out in the sun too long. I was someone who had been sent, on the orders of a demon I was unsure of and a half god who I knew by instinct I had been brought back to serve, to recent attempt to destroy an entire city.

    My plan had worked. For a while. Many chickens and fowl had I taken the lives of, and horses and cows had been my next prey. Over the course of four weeks I had ripped Beinost's lives asunder - chaotically - only to end up coming face to face with another kenku. One who had whispered my name like she knew me. Like she knew who I was from that other life. As I strode from Beinost I felt weary and confused, but most of all lost. For I did not know who I was anymore.

    Of course, I had killed her. Mostly - partly - for the scent of death to rise to my nostrils. Ah, a bird's death is different from a mammals. You can feel the very fibres of each feather filling your nostrils and almost tickling the inside of your throat. Also, she was clearly an enemy, having snuck up on me like that. I knew that the enemy - my master's enemy, and thus mine - had a kenku of their own and so just in case I had ended her. Then, as a voice crying out the word, “stare,” very loudly had come on the wind I had scarpered. That last night had been my own anyway, and I had killed an enemy.

    But she had known my name. She knew me from the past I had very little idea of. Or had known me. She was dead now.
    So now I was wondering the lower fields of south Raiaera, drinking in the sorrows of the land. About a mile off I had ceased to run and now I strode with my naginata in hand and my beak uttering a sigh. I had killed a connection to my past life in case she was the enemy, and fled in fear of myself. I had left the clue behind about what I had forgotten and now I stalked the grasslands, lost and confused. Not certain what to do, not sure what direction to go in now.

    Scratching my head I sighed and slumped against an old and lonely tree, letting my undead body slide down the bark. My mighty naginata spear I let drop to the side as I tugged on the cuffs of my gloves, making sure they were tight on. Then I let my eyes fall forwards as the light of dull dusk began to spill across the landscape. Before me stretched years of grass, eons of horse lands. A soft wind blew and it was peaceful. Quiet.

    But it was not good. It did not fill my soul with satisfaction. I imagined if my heart still beat it would be palpitating ridiculously as I sat there, trying to think about what and who I was, and if I truly wanted to delve deeper into the mystery of the other kenku. Though she was dead, there were still other lines of discovery I could inspect. But did I want to.

    I was lost in this dilemma when I suddenly heard a soft harmony of strings.

    I sat up, hearing a noise I had only dreamt about. Had old memories of.

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