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07-28-2017, 09:16 AM
Sexual scenes, Graphic Scenes, torture.

“I hate this.”

“Don’t care, waif.” Came a low, gruff reply.

Amari wasn’t the only failed ransom from the bandits. It seemed that Dukes and Lords cared little for their own offspring and more for money, power, and status. The bandit group had escorted two such woman, three if you were to include Amari in their ranks. They rode by horse drawn carriage to the outer reaches of Knifes Edge, word had spread about a brothel - The House of Sin, and the bandits - always looking for a quick and easy way to either pleasure themselves, or make quick coin were headed there.

“Why can’t we just let them go?”

Amari’s question spurred an eruption of laughter from the three heavily armed bandits that accompanied her. “Aye, I don’t know if yer innocent or just stupid, lass.” One of them responded, giving her a jovial slap on the back, Amari fell forward from the brute force. She shot the man, Briar, a glare. Briar smacked his lips, grabbing hold of her chin and forcing her to lean closer to him. “Ye lucky yer so diseased, else you’d be joining ‘em. Shit, if we weren’t worried ‘bout bad bidnus, we’d just sell ye now.” Briar shoved her unceremoniously away, and Amari, having being bound fell to the floor of the carriage.

“It’s a waste, really. She’s quite a looker.” A gloved hand reached out and pulled Amari back up to the wooden seat by her hair. Amari responded with a quick elbow to his side. The man, known as Elrik laughed. “Hah, careful now waif, jus’ cause we can’t lay you, don’t mean we can’t hurt you.” Elrik twirled a strand of her hair round and round between his fingers. “Whens the last time anyone saw a redhead?”

“In Salvar? Rare, but not unheard of. Tis her eyes that are more interestin’, shame its jus’ from a disease that’d rot yer dick.” A thick, rough voice drolled, with a exhale. He sat at the head of the carriage. Finishing the cigar, he snuffed it out next to him. His dark, chestnut eyes examining the scene before him. His Allies, Elrik and Briar sat either side of the carriage, each one sitting next to bound, lithe girls. Their heads lowered, bound, gagged and covered by old potato sacks. Then there was Amari, the disobedient redhead. They couldn’t sell her, they couldn’t fuck her, but it’d be a waste, and loss of pride to just let her go.

“We’re almost there, I’ll have ya’ll keep quiet - and Amari.” He paused, his eyes falling on her. “I’d like to think yer smart enough to not run away, especially in such debuchary.” His eyes travelled down her near nude form, she wore undergarments that covered her more delicate areas, but her nipples, and details were taught, and stuck out prominently through the flimsy, see through material.

Amari turned her head away from Lance, attempting to cover her chest with her hands. She huffed, partly in anger, and partly in frustration. He was right. For once, she’d be better off under the care of her captors, no doubt it’s why they forced her into such attire. “Fine. I’ll be good.”

Lance leaned back, seemingly pleased with her placated response. “Untie her legs, keep her hands bound. If she tries anythin’ knock her out, but don’t scar her body. As Briar oblidged Lance turned his eyes back to the two nobles. They were quiet, submissive. Beaten down and fucked mercilessly, the bandits having taking out all their sexual frustrations on the twins that they couldn’t explore with Amari. They were thin, with olive skin and dark features. Chocolate brown,doe-eyes hidden under the sacks. Their hair, which ahd been tenderly brushed and cleaned by Amari, stuck out, long chestnut wisps hung just below their shoulders. “Lets hope we get a heavy purse for the girls.” Lance mused, lighting another cigar as the carriage drew to a halt.

He drew a long breath, standing and opening up the back of the carriage, with a gesture of his hands he invited the others to follow.

“Let’s get ter business.”

He pushed open the large double doors, with Amari close behind. The two nobles were carried on the shoulders of both Elrik and Briar. They were lead into a small antechamber. Another set of dark oak double-doors leads into the main foyer itself.

Iron braziers line the walls, sending aphrodisiac smoke through the room. Small alcoves line it, padded with pillows and and furs, upon them - people were fucking, hard. Briar and Elrik hi-fived each other. "Perhaps we should stay here a while once bidness done, yeh?" Briar mused, licking his lips as his eyes followed the pert ass of a passerby.

To the left, right and straight ahead, hallways branch off to more chambers from which screams, the sounds of raw sex and the whip-crack of leather on flesh sound. Amari flinched as another crack, followed by an estatic cry echoed around them. "Can't I just wait outside?" She focused her green eyes to the floor. Cheeks red, this place made her extremely uncomfortable, even more so with the attire she was forced to wear. The thin material barely covering her curves, leaving nothing to the imagination.

"Don't be like that, Amari. You fit right in." Lance grinned, "Why do you think we dressed you like that in the first place?"

"Cause you're fuckin' perverts?"

Lance chuckled, "That we are. That we are."

They he signalled for them to stop, and glanced around. Two curving iron staircases lead from the edges of the foyer up to the second floor. Up on the third, overlooking the rest of the main foyer looked to be a large room. Thick glass windows hide the interior from casual scrutiny. "Must be where the boss is." Lance motioned toward the room.

Amari, against her best judgement rose her eyes from the floor, stepping in closer toward Lance. Her eyes fell on rich tapestries which covered the bare stone walls, depicting men, women and inhuman beasts locked in obscene couplings, showing all manner of questionable depravity.

"Ugh.." She muttered to herself. "We shouldn't be here. It doesn't feel...." She paused, the last of her sentence spoken in a hushed whisper. "Right..." She pulled her arms tighter around herself. "Can't you just let them go, add it to my debt or whatever?"

"Sweetheart, you don't have a debt. We own you. Now, unless you can fuck everythin' here, and earn some serious coin we doing business- yer will shut up, else we'll cram somethin' in that mouth of yours."