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  1. Island in the Sun (closed to Ray)
  2. Tales of Amra - The Gates of Bardin
  3. Anti-Hero Syndrome [Solo]
  4. "Let the days come as they please," he said, rolling across the cushions...
  5. Not for Glory
  6. Towards The Bloody Harbour (closed to jdd)
  7. Castle of the Bloody Night (Open) {October Event!}
  8. The Succubus' Severed Soul (Mature)
  9. A Twisted Tower {Solo}
  10. I Am Living
  11. A Brace of Beasts
  12. Hunting Haidians
  13. Hear The Chains Rattle (October Thread, Closed)
  14. Now It's Time for: Zombie Chef
  15. The Training Grounds (October Event Thread, closed)
  16. By the time they figure out what went wrong, we'll be sitting on a beach earning...
  17. Pink and Silver (Closed, Mature)
  18. [Closed] A Darkening Deep
  19. Entanglement
  20. A Lye for an Eye
  21. Lesser Mistakes