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  1. Workshop: Cradle of the Filthy
  2. Workshop: Fair Weather'd Days
  3. Workshop: Tales of Amra
  4. Workshop: Tap Dancing
  5. Workshop: Knowledge Rotten
  6. Workshop: Child
  7. Workshop: When you care not where you roam, every road will lead you home. (solo)
  8. Workshop: A Cult of Personality
  9. Workshop: The Raven, The Haven and The Craven
  10. Workshop: A Twisted Tower
  11. Workshop: A Darker Shade of Red (Mature, non-smut)
  12. Workshop: Bloody Fury and Alchemy
  13. Workshop: Black Wings
  14. Workshop: Massacre Girls
  15. Workshop: Ripples in the Sea
  16. Workshop: What it means to be a God (I)
  17. Workshop: The Learning Twist
  18. Workshop: The Succubus Severed Soul (mature)
  19. Workshop: By the time they figure out what went wrong we'll be sitting on a beach...
  20. Workshop: Legitimate AF (Mature)
  21. Workshop: Faith United
  22. Workshop: The Nature of Undeath
  23. Workshop: (Open) Palliative Care
  24. Workshop: A Lye for an Eye
  25. Workshop: Igni Ferroque
  26. Workshop: Island in the Sun